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City Properties REIT is a joint stock company established to special investment purposes, namely the securitization of real estate, in compliance with the Law on Companies Established to Special Investment Purposes.
Securitisation of the real estate properties means that the company buy, sell or manage the real estates with financial funds witch it accumulates by emissions of shares and bonds.

The Company was established and has been entered into the Trade Register in April 2007, under Company case file 4973/2007 of the Sofia District Court, and registered in the Trade Register kept by the agency of the registries with identification code 17526435.
On 5th of December 2007 with resolution N:1582 REIT the company
received a license from the Financial Supervision Commission to practice its activities.

The Board of Directors of "City Properties" REIT convokes Annual general meeting of shareholders on 12.03.2012
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On 2/2/2012 the Board of Directors of "City Properties" REIT decided to increase the share capital
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The Board of Directors of "City Properties" REIT convokes a Regularly Annual General Meeting of the shareholders on 27th Jun 2011
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