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The Board of Directors of "City Properties" REIT convokes Annual general meeting of shareholders on 12.03.2012

The board of Directors of "City Properties" REIT Sofia, pursuant to art. 223 Commercial low convene annual general meeting of shareholders 3/12/2012 at 10:00 am in the city of Sofia, "James Boucher" N:23, with the following agenda:

1. Report of the Board of Directors for the company in 2011;

2. Annual Report of the Director of Investor Relations for 2011;

3. Adoption of Resolution adopting the report of the auditor of the Company over the AFR for financial 2011;

4. Approval and adoption of annual financial statement for 2011;

5. Decision on profit distribution and dividend for 2011;

6. Deciding on the discharge of the Board of Directors for their activities in fiscal 2011

7. The registered auditor for 2012;

8. Miscellaneous - there is no proposal for decision.

The eligible persons for the meeting are the persons who are shareholders 14 days before the General Meeting, according to a list of the Central Depository. The Company has issued 650,000 shares with a rights of voice.
The materials for the agenda are available to the shareholders at the correspondence address of the company in Varna, "Tsar Osvoboditel" № 49 ent.V, 5th floor, ap.39, and on the company website www.citypropertiesreit.com , from the date of the Commercial Register of the convocation of a general meeting of shareholders.
Registration of shareholders starts at 9.30 pm on 12.03.2012 in the place of the general meeting of shareholders. Shareholders - legal entities are represented by their legal representatives, who identify themselves with a certificate of registration or any current judgments of the entity and identity document.
Proxies of shareholders - legal entities identify themselves with the written notarized power of attorney granted to such general meetings of the company by the legal representative of the shareholder and complying with the laws and regulations for the minimum content of attorney to represent the shareholder at the general meeting of company whose shares have been subject to public offering and proof of current registration or any decisions of the entity and identity document of the authorized.
Shareholders - physical persons identify themselves by presenting an identity document.

1. Protokol - Board of Directors
2. Invitation
3. Letter of attorney

1. List of Proxies
2. List of Shareholders
3. Protokol

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