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      "Fisk" Ltd., with its headquarters and management address: Sofia, "Hristo Botev" N: 38 A, 3rd Floor, ap.14 is an serving company on business accounting services of the "City Properties" REIT. The company was founded in 1996 with the object of accounting - financial services, consulting services in connection with the financial - accounting activity of legal entities and individuals to organize accounting and others. The customers of "Fisk" Ltd. carries out its activities in various sectors of the economy. Among the partners are leading local and foreign companies in trade, manufacturing, real estates and business services.

"Fisk" Ltd. has the necessary professionals to offer their customers professional services such as:

  • Current accounting services
  • Quarterly Accounting Service
  • Annual Accounting Service
  • Consultations on accounting and tax legislation, an appeal of audit reports and acts
  • Analyses and Projects
  • Audit and others

"Fisk" Ltd. has entered into an annex to its contract with "City Properties" REIT, based on which, the award of the "City Properties" REIT, the company will conduct and activities related to:

  • Researching the assessments of the condition of the property market
  • Financial analysis and evaluation of investment projects
  • Consultation and mediation in transacting real estate
  • Sale, lease or rental of property owned by "City Properties" REIT and others

The company's performance is consistent with current national and international regulations. It is characterized by honesty and loyalty to its clients and partners.

Depositary Bank of City Properties REIT is Raiffeisen Bank with headquarters address: Sofia, municipality Sredets, 18 20 Gogol str., http://www.rbb.bg
Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD has been established in 1994 according to the Bulgarian Law on Banking and Credit Activities, and is fully licensed with decision N:198/16, Jun 1994 for operations in Bulgaria and abroad.
The decision for doing bank activities is actualized with order of BNB N: 100 00497/18.11.1999.
The contract with Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD expects that the bank will keep the money resources and valuable stocks of the company witch it has rights to own in compliance with the low and its rules; makes payments from the name and for its expenses of the company; accomplish activities related with valuable stocks, as providing information, reports, paying interests, capitals and others.
The Depositary Bank owns all the obligations required by the lows:
To keep and report the actives of the company separately from the other kept actives; to make all the payments observing the conditions in the rules and the prospect of the Company, and to ensure the using of Companys earnings in compliance with these acts and the low, including to look for keeping the rules restrictions about the Companys expenditures, and to manage its self by the interests of the company.

The valuer of City Properties REIT real estate properties is Bright Consult OOD a private valuation company registered in 1994 with decision of Sofia City Court, http://www.brightco.bg.
The main activities of the company include consultancy and expert services, scientific research and development, project management, and valuation.
Bright Consult OOD has been working actively with a large number of different clients - Bulgarian and foreign natural and legal persons.
The company has a well-developed network of representatives in the whole country to guarantee its individual approach to clients and their integrated servicing.
During its 12-year history of consultancy and valuation operations the companys services, projects and valuations have never been subject to negative public commentary and have completely satisfied the clients.
Bright Consult OOD has been a member of the Association of Bulgarian Valuato (ABV) since its very establishment.

The Board of Directors of "City Properties" REIT convokes Annual general meeting of shareholders on 12.03.2012
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On 2/2/2012 the Board of Directors of "City Properties" REIT decided to increase the share capital
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The Board of Directors of "City Properties" REIT convokes a Regularly Annual General Meeting of the shareholders on 27th Jun 2011
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