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     Madjare – part of Bulgaria. Madjare – the new tourist aspect of the ancient Bulgarian village. Madjare – the Green House!

     Village of Madjare – “ I have never thought that such kind of place does exist on the earth. I have never heard about it. It is so beautiful that your breath can stop. Not only the nature and the scenery, the people – so warm, smiling, hospitable, sociable and generous. Generous of a good relations and love, supplying you with so positive energy. And when this energy begin to exhaust, I will go back to Madjare”.
These are the word of a Bulgarian woman, who has been in Madjare not long ago.

     The local people says that the spirit of their native place comes from its history. According to the legend, the village exists from 1600 years. There was a mine (according to someone – gold mine) in the place of Giulechitsa, accidentally found by some hunters. There were miners working in it. The miners were Magyars (Hungarians). When the mine became unprofitable, the miners spread out in the Turkish empire, and some of them came back in Hungary.
One of them was Chompalo. In the beginning he settled his self at “Tasharski brod” – on the road to Sofia, right before dam lake Iskar. He wasn’t very good in farming and cattle breeding, so he decided to move in the freely space between Serbian village (Mala Tsurkva) and “Matsakurovo”, “Dospey mahala” and “Simonovtsi”, presently united as “Govedartsi”. The residents of the surrounded villages called him “Madjarina”, and this is where the name of the village starts. Chompalo had five sons: Velichko, Liko, Tsvetan, Pido and Ivancho. They gave the beginning of the first families.

     There are almost 15 – 20 people in the village after the liberation. The major means of living are the logging, cattle - breeding and a little bit of farming. The people lives poor in little poky houses together with their animals. Despite of the misery, in 1905 the very religious population decided to build a church named “St. Spas”. In 1920 the active and studious people of the village decided to build a school.

     Soon the land of Madjare became to tight for the bigger population and almost every family began to build sheep pens 10 km. west in the place of “Lakatnitsa”, so they will be able to use the wide sheep-walks. And so on till now, when the village has turned into a magnet for investments witch contributes for its development as tourist destination.

     If you want to move away from the city vanity, the huddled in the hugs of the Rila mountain, Madjare is the perfect place. The crystal clear air, the picturesque scenery, the silence, the clear waters of river Iskar – all these brings you back in one forgotten world in unity with the nature. Only 60 km. away from Sofia and 10 km. from the municipal center of city of Samokov, the village captures with calm and cozy places. There is a ski truck for those who loves winter sports. The Borovets resort is 15 min away by car, and according to the project “super Borovets”, two ski lifts should be build in the village of Beli Iskar, witch is only 3 km. away.

     According to the present categorization of the towns and villages, Madjare is placed in the category “small villages” with population from 200 to 1000 people. According to the National Institute of Statistics the population with permanent address registration is 315.

     The future projects for village of Madjare will set it up as an independent tourist zone. The village offers a big variety of possibilities for active resting for every taste: ski, winter and summer sports, eco tourism, fishing, village tourism, bike routes or just resting from the strenuously daily round.

     So, if you need to “charge” yourself with positive energy, or you just need a few unforgettable days of relaxing, welcome to the mountain village of Madjare and enjoy the beautiful nature of Rila mountain, and the hospitality of the local people. Be sure that you won’t regret. And you won’t be patient to come back again. Because only one dose of this magic called Madjare, is never enough.


          Project documentation:
1. Order for changing the plan for regulation and overbuilding
2. Sketch
3. Hotel "Kapriz"

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